Miss Taiwanese World proudly celebrated at the TECO Double Ten National Day reception at the Universal City Hilton

Double Ten is one of biggest and most important dates for the Taiwanese culture. The royal court was invited to several celebrations that week; however,the annual National Day Celebration at the Hilton in Los Angeles was a black tie event fit for a queen.

img_1036Local and regional government officials from California and Taiwan were present for this extravagant celebration. From the bouquets of flowers to the ice sculpture, the organizers went all out to make it a very snazzy event.  Above we’re photographed with a former Taiwan official in front of one of the biggest cakes I’ve ever seen – and yes we did snag a bite at the end of the evening.

The evening was filled with a program full of live entertainment including a military processional, lion dance, various skits, and the presentation of certificates by council and congressmen. Plenty of photos were taken throughout the night as individuals networks and enjoyed an expansive buffet featuring a mix of traditional Asian and western cuisine.

img_1009People from all walks of life were present for this event ranging from young high school students to elders who played an integral role in Taiwan politics. Also in attendance were members of the Taiwanese American Professional  (TAP) organization as well as other Taiwanese related non profit organizations. It was a great night filled with people who love Taiwan and I was happy to enjoy the festivities in good company.

If you threw a party what would be the highlights?






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