Confessions of a Beauty Queen and the New Miss Taiwanese World

One year ago, I entered in beauty pageant and while I felt that I didn’t fit the pageant girl mold, I decided to go for it and take it as a learning opportunity.  Hey if I could take these free classes to improve public speaking, grace and etiquette, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? And so the journey began…

As a Taiwan ambassador I took part in many community engagements, holiday parades, and networked with local council members in the greater Los Angeles area. Some events were more glamorous than others, and while I likely will retire from this world it did teach me quite a bit, but not in ways I’d expect.

Miss Taiwanese World 2017-2018 and Me, Miss Taiwanese World 2016-2017

I am who I am… by this I mean I’ve grown to accept that I am a multi-layered individual who is always going to challenge the status quo. I’ve never fit in anywhere and always stuck out – most of the times unintentionally. In some ways participating in a pageant, helped me understand that I was born to stand out, not blend in. I embrace my quirks and imperfections, and while I still have a long way to go in becoming who I’m suppose to be I think I’m heading the right direction

To all the current and future titleholders… Take advantage of every moment to shine, You are worthy and never let anyone tell you otherwise. I can’t wait to see where the new year will take you and how much you will grow along the way.




The Great Food Truck Race Season 1 Winner- Grill Em All @Alhambra CA

IMG_0928 I’m a huge Food Network junkie and absolutely love all of the different shows on that channel.  One show that I am particularly fond is a reality show called The Great Food Truck Race,” a competition where food trucks from across the country competed for $50,000.  The rules were simple, make as much money as you can with a given budget in designated cities from LA to New York.

And what’s crazy was the fact that I was in New York while they filmed their last episode.  I remember a girlfriend of mine texting me to come support the Nom Nom Truck (1strunner-up) while I was studying in New York. Unfortunately I choose not to leave the library, asI was nose-deep in textbooks.  *snaps fingers* What a lost opportunity!


Anyways, this past weekend I attended a networking social in Alhambra and noticed a peculiar sign in the theater plaza.  It looked vaguely like Season 1 Winner Grill Em All (Yelp Review) and as I stepped closer to check out the store it indeed was!  Turns out they actually bought a storefront with the money and publicity earned from the competition.  So obviously I had to check it out the local celebrity!

Upon entering I could not help but notice all the rockin’ artwork plastered over all the walls.  The setting is definitely home to heavy metal enthusiasts and the menu was presented on an enormous black chalkboard.  After carefully examined my options I decided to try the powerslave, a ½ lb burger with brie cheese, bourbon apple compote, balsamic aioli, and field greens. And because the sign said so I ordered it medium rare—good choice!

IMG_0927It was definitely a gourmet burger with the juices goeying all over. I’d never imagine putting an apple as a burger condiment, but combined with the soft brie cheese and field greens it was a tasty treat.  It’s a bit on the pricey side at $9 or $9.50 for a burger, but it had all the elements of a Rockstar. Solid!

What does a Rockstar meal look like to you?